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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

Originally Posted by betty_joanne
Wait a minute you said she just turned 2. Is there any way that she could go on the potty once or twice during the day or is that way too young? Sorry, no potty training experience here.
Yesterday and today I got her to go poop on the potty. With her "runs" last week I figured working on the poop part might be in her best interest. The second her poop hits skin it turns red. I watch her like a hawk so I can change her immediatly. I finally figured out that she goes at 9:30am so yesterday and today I put her on the potty and it has worked great!! Pee on the other hand, no clue and she is very quiet so she won't tell me.

I am going to go ahead and watch the FFS for larges. Thankfully she is not overly chunky nor does she have those yummy theighs so I think she'd be easy to fit. If anyone has some FFS or CHEAP Larges pm me!!
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