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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Why are some people so anti when they should be for it??

i watched a little boy whose parents were constantly running out of dipes and bought the worst of the worst as was horrible. what makes it really sad is i just didn't get it b/c BOTH parents were working at the same place my dh was working and each making the same as him. and at the time i used sposies and BOTH ds's were in sposies (i bought pampers or white cloud at the time). what i did was stash a dipe or two a day so that when they would come to me w/no dipes and he was still in the dipe from the night before and they would be there at LUNCH TIME (they dropped him off at 5:30, lunch was at 12) with a pack of dipes. i also often ended up putting him in my kids dipes....but that's not an option for you. i don't know what i would've done for that poor baby if he didn't fit in my kids dipes. the ones they bought for him were also too small it was horrible. and he also had horrible diaper rash for the first week i had him, after that (b/c he was being changed enough, between me stashing his diapers and using ours) he didn't. i remember one time her telling me that they cleared up a rash by putting him to bed w/o a diaper at all (he was JUST over a year old AND had diahrea)!!! she said him and the bed were a mess the next morning but his rash healed up....i didn't even know what to say.
anyhow enough about my rant!! i agree to the charging an extra $10 a week, but don't even mention why. just tell her you need to charge more per week.

oh and also, no WIC does not provide diapers HOWEVER when you are running low and having money issues if they have them they will give them to you...i often gave our extra sposies to wic for this purpose when our children would grow out of them. suggest that to her or call the wic office yourself and tell them the situation, but that you don't want to embarass the mother. let them know this has never happened before, but you do need some diapers for the child this week.
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