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So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?

My dd just turned 12 months and got her first tooth the very next day and took two steps about three days later. So, I know that all of these milestones can affect how she nurses; but I feel like my nipples are going to fall off! They hurt when she latches on and ache for about an hour afterward. Is that normal? This DID NOT happen when my ds cut his first tooth. Is it something else? I have had breast pain periodically and I just chalked it up to usual nursing things, every time I was about to go to the doc to see if it was a blocked duct or something, it would sort of work itself out one way or another; but sheesh this is really painful. I feel like I've got a fire going on in my shirt (and not for good reason, lol )

Diagnosis, Dr. Mammas?
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