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Re: What is your fav. cover and why?

Yes, tootleshells are great! I really like Wiggle Worm Bottoms too. I just got a couple solid colours and I love them. The fit is great and they work well too. You might want to give them a try.

I have polar bummis too. I actually quite like them. They can compress a little so you have to make sure you change your diaper when wet if you are in the car, or every couple of hours. I have really liked the fit, but they don't accomodate chunky thighs quite as well. (We definietly have some chunk here) We have never had a leak though. My son is 20lbs and wearing size medium. For thighs, we might be best in a large but that seems to be the way for us with most diapers.

I also really like cheeky diapers pull-ons. I think she does make some that fasten though, but I haven't tried them. I use these around the house and for naps although I can get away with any of the above covers for naps.

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