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Re: So, should it feel like she's gnawing off my nipples?

Yikes! Owie zowie! A fire in your shirt! Well, my ds has 16 teeth and I don't feel them at all when he nurses...except when he's not completely latched on (when he tries to talk or has/puts something else in his mouth). He tried to bite when the first teeth came, but quickly learned that he was seperated from the breast and stopped biting.

Is she latching on completely? When properly latched on, the toungue and roof of the mouth keep the teeth off the nipple. She could be letting out the pain of teething on you. Is only the nipple soar? I'd sooth it with some aloe vera or lanolin, hot and cold ginger compresses, or cabbage leaves. Also, keeping the immune system strong always helps. Sometimes soreness can come from a high demand, so maybe drink some mother's milk tea to support milk production. I hope the fire goes out soon for ya!
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