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Well.... I'm pretty new also but I think I can answer a couple questions..
The difference in the soaker material just means more or less absorbancy and/or different feel (I think lol) , snap-in liners actually "snap" into the inside of the dipe... there are some snaps on the soaker/liner and some snaps on the inside of the dipe and you just snap them togethor, trifolding liners just means that you either trifold them and lay them in the dipe to add extra absorbancy or you can trifold and stuff then in the dipe if its a pocket.

As for quickdry, hemps and sherpa... I'm still learning too so I cant help ya there lol....... well I hope that that helped and also all you other mamas reading this please correct me if I'm wrong cuz i'm not totally sure on this info.

Well good luck to you mama and stick with it, it's a great thing to do for your baby and also for you!!(shhhhh don't tell anyone put cloth diapering is LOTS of fun!!! )
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