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Re: What exactly is a cover?

Originally Posted by Marielblewis
I am new to CD (woohoo, I used lingo . It was my understanding that the cover was a waterproof material used to prevent leaks. I keep reading about wool and microfiber ones...that doesn't make sense to me. I'm sure it is simple, but I just don't get it. Could someone please take a minute to explain it to me? thanks so much!

A cover goes over a prefold diaper or fitted diaper. Covers are also made from wool and fleece, and are mostly waterproof except if very soaked can compression leak. But if there is enough padding under them, they breathe much better than PUL. (PUL is a waterproof polyester fabric that many covers and pocket diapers are made of).

Micro fiber is not used as a cover. It is an absorbant material made from synthetic materials that many inserts are made with. You can also buy it in a towel format at the dollar store and stuff a pocket diaper with it trifolded.

HTH, you will understand the lingo very soon. Ask us anything any time...
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