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Re: Longevity of covers and diaper elastic?

My oldest is 5 1/2. I used prefolds, 1/2 dozen or so Fuzzi Bunz and 6 or 8 Diaperaps covers with him. I only cloth diapered him for about 6 months because the daycare I loved wouldn't use cloth and I couldn't deal with 2 systems. So, I put them away 4 1/2 years ago. I CDd my second child for 6 months (again the daycare issue), so I pulled them out 2 1/2 years ago and put them away 2 years ago. Well, my daughter is now wearing those same FBs and prefolds (although most of those have been dyed and converted to prefitteds) and my daughter has a WAY larger stash than my sons did. I have upgraded from the Diaperaps, but I did sell them and some baby out there is using them.

I actually brought out one of the FBs that all 3 children have used yesterday to show to a customer. I was showing her and her DH how well the FBs had held up over 3 children and 5+ years of use/storage. They were very impressed. They were buying their initial stash for their first baby and we were talking about how much money they could save down the road with additional children.

Anyway, I made sure that they were all good and clean and dry and I stored them in a rubbermaid tote. My smalls are all in one now awaiting baby #4 if he or she ever happens to be conceived!
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