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Re: nursing the 2nd+ time around


The first time I had a LC come in and see me while I was in the hospital. SHe helped DS and me get a good latch going and all that. I nursed him until 9 months at which time I thought he was DONE (he didnt want to nurse at all, he wanted FOOD) looking back it was probably a nursing strike and I knew nothing about them I just thought he was done nursing.

Second time around. I decided the LC didnt need to come see me because "I had done this before and knew how it worked" DD had a poor latch and I hate to say it, but I had to PAY for the LC to come see me at a month PP because I had mastitis and I was about to give up. Lesson learned let the LC visit you at the hospital where you DONT have to pay for it and then you dont have to go through the PAIN of a bad latch. I am still nursing DD and she is 20 months. I am not sure if she will make it through the entire pregnancy or not but, either way, we made it a HECK of a lot longer than we did with DS

Next time the LC will visit me in the hospital because I *DONT* know everything there is to know about nursing like I thought I did with DD
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