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Re: ***Clomid Club***

(I know there is more of you!!!)

Name: Roxanna (Roxyrocks)
BDing partner/DH Chad 31
Age:This question always "gets" me BUT I am in my mid 20's
Children: DS Alexander 12/27/2000
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): PCOS dx. 10/07'
BCP: IUD Paragraud(non hormonal for 3 yrs)
TTC Since: Several years of seeing what happens & Seeking "professional" help since 07/07'
Meds: 1st round of Provera 10mg(just finished!) & starting Clomid 50mg CD3

Name: Amanda
BDing partner/DH: Matt
Age: 30
Children: Kevin (12-20-02), Jordan (m/c at 10w/2d, 9-7-04), and Ryan David (9-19-05)
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): PCOS dx. Aug. 2007
BCP: Yasmin in 03 and 05
Months TTC: 16 months
Meds: Provera 10mg(haven't had to take yet) and Clomid 50mg CD5-9 currently on 2nd round

Name: Marlene
BDing partner/DH: Um...DH..LOL
Age: 22
Children: DS (4/16/2006)
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): Unexplained infertility
Months TTC: 18 months
Meds: Provera 20mg and Clomid 100mg CD5-9

Name: Julie
BDing partner/DH
Children: DD Madelyn 11/13/05
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): unexplained
TTC Since: 6/06 seeking professional help since 7/07
Meds: last mo- first round of clomid (thinned uterine lining so no clomid for me anymore) This mo- femara (had a good egg 23mm but progesterone was only 11).

Name: Kim
BDing partner/DH: Jamie (33) married for 7.5 years
Age: 26
Children: Emily (3/9/04) Madison (2/2/06)
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): Luteal Phase Defect
BCP: Mirena IUD (inserted 5/'06 - taken out 7/'07
Months TTC: 4
Meds: Clomid 100mg CD 3-7 (2 clomid cycles completed)

Name: Dagny (kaylabelle05)
DH: Jeff 30 (on Sat)
Children: DS Quinn 3/7/99 DD Kayla 10/20/05 4MC's 3/02, 10/02, 2/04, 8/06
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): PCOS dx. 4/04
BCP: PCOS haven't have a cycle since 2/07
TTC Since: Haven't prevented preg but not trying
Meds: Metformin 1000mg

Bding partner/DH:dh Bill
age:38 years old for me(will be 39 on Nov.28th) and dh just turned 46
children:ds Jim(4-23-91),Sarah(6-7-05) and 2 angels a m/c at 8 weeks in 04 and Gracie(6-07-07-at 18weeks 2days gestation)
fertility hurdles:dx.PCOS 4-04,hypothroid condition,type2 diabetes-dx.12-2001
Bcprto tri cyclin bcps when dh and I were first intimate before our marriage-only for 4-5 cycles though-too many side effects for me!
TTC:SEEMS LIKE FOREVER!-ever since our wedding(3-31-90!)
Meds:Metformin 2000mg.,Actos 45 mg(just upped last month-so i can o!),Novolin insulin(keeping A1C's way under 6% FOR CONCEPTION),Synthroid 150 mcg for throid

Name: Krista
BDing partner/DH: Jake (25) married for almost 3 years.
Age: 26
Children: m/c 5/6/03 14wks; m/c 10/19/04 16w 3 days ; Jonah 10/29/05
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): Luteal Phase Defect (but fixed) hostile cervical mucus; dyparenuia (they effed me up bad); vaginal atrophy...(yee-haw)
BCP: hadn't been on it since 04
Months TTC: 9 or 10?
Meds: Clomid 100mg CD2-CD6 on cycle number 6

Name: Kristin
BDing partner/DH: Joel, 27
Age: 31
Children: DS Luke 2/1/04
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): 2nd child syndrome? LOL I have no clue what's happened.
BCP: I can't even remember what I was on before we had Luke. Then after Luke I went on the mini-pill to regulate my cycles. Haven't been on anything since about August of 2004 b/c I HATE what BC does to me.
TTC Since: July '05
Meds: Nothing yet--

Name: Tryin
BDing partner/DH: (34) married for almost 2 years
Age: 34
Children: AdoptedS14 and DD4 m/c at 11wks 3/07

Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): Annovulatory-very low progesterone-0.8 unmedicated, possibly due to weight, but cycles are still regular.-other plausible causes (all undiagnosed-just me doing some research) thryoid condition, insulin resistance,

BCP: never use the stuff-I take pills to GET pg, not to prevent LOL!
Months TTC: since 1/06
Meds: Clomid 100mg CD 3-7
Vitamins-Prenatals (prescription), iron and folic acid

Name: Vicki
BDing partner: DH
Children: DS Asher (September 2005)
Fertility hurdles: unexplained
Diagnosed with PCOS after one year TTC DS (irregular periods pre-bc pills and again after going off - after 7 years of using them). After one round of clomid, we conceived DS. Since his birth we have been NPNT until I started noticing signs of ovulating earlier this spring (I weaned DS at shortly after his second birthday.). After several months of charting, I realized that I have a short LP. Gyn thought this might be due to bf'ing, although not likely. He suspected that I might not be dealing with PCOS since my cycles have been very regularly around 30 days since my first PPAF about a year ago. He advised we try a month w/o the Clomid after weaning. Well, here AF has started. I took my first pill tonight.

Name: Lyn
BDing partner/DH: Married to Dh 2 years now (been together 6ish)
Age: 34
Children: 2 older DS's and a DD born 12/05
Fertility hurdles(cause they CAN be jumped over!): not picking up ovulation from test strips?
Months TTC: on and off a year now
Meds: none yet but have appt beginning of Dec. to start (clomid) hopefully

Name: Jennifer
BDing partner/DH: Greg (42) married for 4.5 years
Age: 37
Children: Camerone and Madeling (twins) (2005-06-04)
Fertility hurdles: Blocked fallopian tubes
Meds: Clomid 150 mg CD 3-7; menopur CD 6-16 ish!

Alexander Reece 12/00' Maxwell Reagan 11/08 weaned at 22months

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