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Re: Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Originally Posted by boobyfeeder
That does it, I'm going to the store when DH gets home tonight and getting me some papaya juice! Thanks for the tip!

I can't wait to have this baby, my edd according to *them* is next Wednesday, but according to *me* (I know when I conceived, tyvm) it was last Wednesday. We'll see what happens. How far along were you when you drank the juice?
I was 40 wks almost 41 LOL!!! I had started and stopped labor 2-3 times that week and finally someone my dh works with told me to do that as MILES AND MILES of walks would NOT do it! They'd start after tons of walking but then stop. Very frustrating!

I drank 32 oz and the next morning I started labor again but this time it progressed throughout the day better than the previous times. Then by 10 pm I knew it was it but went to bed. I couldn't sleep and kept dozing in and out and finally at 2 am I woke dh up and said the contractions were way closer and I was very uncomfortable (worse than any of the other contractions I'd been having) so I took a shower put some makup on and we left around 5 am when they were 5 min apart.

Had my ds at 3:57 pm that day.

I had my dd 7 yrs prior so the docs said the gap could make this second labor like my first baby's labor. Or, it could go super fast like I'd had 8 kids!
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