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Re: annoying relatives, complaining!

my first walked at 10 months and my mom said I had to put him under an upside-down playpen so he couldn't stand up- otherwise he'd be bowlegged.
My second WAS talking at 8 months, and my mom said I had to ignore her because if you let them talk to you at that age they end up bossy and spoiled.
My 3rd child was very petite, because I nursed him of course.
My 4th is a GIANT... because I nursed him of course.

My 3rd and 4th wear the same size clothes, they have to share or they'll be spoiled. They should never share clothes because they'll have rivalry issues.

My 3rd used a pacifier until he was 2.5. He was never going to talk, but by 2 they thought he never shut up. He was way too old for a pacifier.Pacifiers are "icky"

My 4th never used a pacifier.. but they said he needed one, it would make my life so much easier.

What I'm saying is:
Kim, mom of 5
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