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Re: eczema... pleaase tell me all!

The doctor didn't prescribe any cream for it? I've had eczema since I was a little girl so there's tons of stuff you can do, and you really need to just find out what it is thats causing this reaction. I used just dermabase, which is just a lotion with no perfumes or harsh chemicals in it to help moisturize the area and then avoid the things that cause my break outs! for me its perfumes and chemicals and wool. lol. But it can also be caused by different foods! I've heard of dairy doing that to some and I think strawberries too, but try keeping track of foods he eats and if his breakouts get worse after them or try avoiding some for a few days see if that makes a difference! i also had to start only using half the amount of laundry detergent in my clothes, be very careful with what soap you use to wash him ( I only use dove and haven't had problems with that) Shampoo, etc.. Good luck, I hope you find whats causing his!
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