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Super low BP

Well the doc told me why she thinks I have been so tired lately....The nurse took my BP and shes like "that cant be right, let me try thats right, are you feeling dizzy at all?" I told her no and she said your BP is super low its 80/60 She seemed suprised that I WASNT dizzy!

The mw said that my BP is most likely why I am tired all the time, and I get dizzy and see spots (which I already knew about the dizzy and seeing spots) She said my BP MIGHT be so low because of hypoglycemia which I have always thought I had just never had it diagnosed. So she wants me to try to eat a small protein filled meal every 3hrs.

I told her I was hurting "down below" and she wanted to check me to make sure the baby wasnt sitting on my cervix and thinning it...hes not *whew* because I went into PTL with DS and I DONT want to do that again. She asked me if the U/s tech told me how he was laying and I told her he was laying across my belly and she said thats why. Moms with babies who are laying that way often complain of pressure down below

Um....thats the story of my life LOL No one probably cares but its nice to talk to people who UNDERSTAND what this stuff means
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