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weird rash + other odd symptoms!

okay there's tons of mama's on here so hopefully someone can help me out here. two nights ago (at midnight, so no food had been consumed, or hiking done lol, i had been in bed a while so it's not something from the sheets, and no cleaning so it's not chemicals. just trying to let you know i've gone over all the usual suspects ) anyhow, i had a small itch up by my right armpit and the next thing i knew within 2 mins or less both of my arms were completely covered in a spotted slightly raised red rash from my pit to my wrist. it itches but not too bad, enough that i don't feel an intense need to scratch and i don't need any anti itch stuff either. anyhow, at the same time this occured anytime i have my hands facing downward they fill with blood to the point that my veins look as if someone put a rubberband around my forearm. i called my dr's office and they're telling me it's pupps but i looked that up online and it doesn't match up even a little bit!!! also when i get this rash i feel like i'm having a hotflash the whole time but don't have any fever. and the rash ALMOST disappears for a few hours here and there and then just comes back with a vengence. any ideas mamas? my next apt is on the 16th and unless this gets worse i'm just going to wait until then but either way i want to go in with something to tell him or a suggestion so they don't try to blow it off as the easiest diagnosis again. thanks mamas!!!
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