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Re: WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

Originally Posted by trashley
I have to say that I'm NOT the kind of person that speaks up about things even if they do bother me, too much of a people pleaser I guess, but this article really made me sad

I sent an email to babytalk, which is something I never would have done before and the combination of that article and the nursing pictures here on ds, I've convinced myself to extend my BFing goal from 1 year to as long as we feel like going!
I'm proud of you mama!!! Thank you for speaking out for all of us that are giving our babies the best! I'm happy you have made the choice to give your baby the "best" as long as he/she wants! I too made that decision not long ago. I'm not one to speak out either but I sent an email to Baby Talk yesterday and today.

I too am SOOOO outraged by people's stupidity! I agree with everyone here how ridiculous this controversy is. Why doesn't bottle fed babies have their heads covered? Why don't they have to go to a bathroom or fitting room or some other place from the public eye, to eat? Why don't their moms get confronted and ridiculed for being fed in public? There is no difference! The only difference is that breastfed babies get more from their feedings! I don't even no what to say. This is pathetic!!!!! It really breaks my heart!!!
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