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Weird Cut that won't heal

A few weeks ago-when we took dd to the hospital my ds stayed at my parents. He came home with a little scratch/cut on his leg-it looked like when your in the woods and get poked with a branch or stick. It got a little bigger and I thought that maybe he was messing with it-normally he plasters bandages all over himself. I watched him like a hawk and he wasn't even touching it at all. He said it hurt a little to touch. It was very red and a little swollen. I was worried about infection-I cleaned it with peroxide twice a day and used the neosporin etc. on it and it seemed to be getting better-it was weird because the skin was peeling away but underneath looked like good new skin. Yesterday he woke up and I checked it and now there are two new spots starting and open. There right on the edge of where the big one stopped. Anyone have a clue? I'm taking him to the Dr at 11:30 to check it out but this is really weird. He's never had a cut or scratch like this before. We were thinking it could be a tick bite but it really didn't look like one-plus there were two scratch marks almost the same and only one is going wonky. I knew I should have taken him last week, stupid me listened to my mom and sister when they said I was silly for taking him in for a little cut on his leg. I even showed my mom when she was here sunday. Ugh I'm never listening to anyone else again-every time something happens. Thanks.
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