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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by angel0123 View Post
If the numbers are really low its hard to keep a forum going so to speak (i'm a mod on another board).

What is so hard about making a section so mothers who do not follow the status quo of the forum have a place to speak about raising their child? It's not "keeping this forum going" it's catering to the people who already visit this board.

Originally Posted by angel0123 View Post
That is sad that moms are feeling judged.

FYI: Only 10% of women cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons and even adopted moms can partially breastfeed. Not judging but throwing out a stat.
That's a statement loaded with underlying judgment. Some mothers formula feed for reasons that aren't even medical. The problem being is that mothers can't be open about that because there will be a backlash on them for "not trying". I've had it happen to me with my oldest daughter (not on this forum). I mean look at the judgment already passed on this thread. I think an area for formula feeding mothers would be good. Then mothers who are adamant about breastfeeding can just not look at it and hopefully avoid some tension caused by a difference of opinions.

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