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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by angel0123 View Post
FYI: Only 10% of women cannot breastfeed due to medical reasons and even adopted moms can partially breastfeed. Not judging but throwing out a stat.
I guess I fall into that 10%, I cannot breastfeed for very long before my milk dries up completely, really, after 3 IBSLCs, I cannot produce anymore milk!

Originally Posted by CKMOMMA View Post
i FF .. i did bf in the past.. i can see why there is a BF board as there is alot to do with BF. my other formus have bf boards and not FF im used to it. i just ask about FF along with other topics on the parenting board.
There are LOADS of problems that can arise with me, I think I've had just about all of them

That being said, can we PLEASE have this forum..we are not having issues with our formula, but with my first child, we had to go through so many different kinds, he has food allergies, had reflux, stayed sick all the time, and somehow his formula aggrevated everything!

So I think it's a great idea to have this forum, I had a ton of problems FFing my first after my milk dried up, so I totally feel for these FFing mamas that have problems/questions...I wish I had someone to talk to when I had problems!!
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