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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by jarahrocks View Post
I realize the numbers are lower but possibly more people would be willing to come out of hiding if they realized that there is an area they can express themselves in without feeling judgement as well as talk with others who are going through similar experiences? It could even bring more people to the forum when they realize there is support for them and get them involved as members in other areas as well.

I also realize the whole 10% stat but keep in mind there are foster Moms on here so the possibility of bfing is not allowed. Also some people like myself are in unique situations with the children they are have adopted/are adopting or raising and an attempt to bf could cause issues with the arrangement etc. Another thing is some women attempted to bf and due to serious lack of support or other issues despite wanting to be successful chose the route to ff. Even adoptive Mothers who choose to lactate may still need to supplement with formula.

Regardless of why they chose to do so they are still parents with concerns and questions.

ETA: Didn't Canada FSOT start out slow? It's still there. I think the problem with a formula feeding section lies within the people who cannot think outside the box and realize not everyone is successful at bfing but that doesn't make them a bad parent nor less of one.
Originally Posted by Mommyof2boys View Post
I guess I fall into that 10%, I cannot breastfeed for very long before my milk dries up completely, really, after 3 IBSLCs, I cannot produce anymore milk!

That being said, can we PLEASE have this forum..we are not having issues with our formula, but with my first child, we had to go through so many different kinds, he has food allergies, had reflux, stayed sick all the time, and somehow his formula aggrevated everything!

So I think it's a great idea to have this forum, I had a ton of problems FFing my first after my milk dried up, so I totally feel for these FFing mamas that have problems/questions...I wish I had someone to talk to when I had problems!!
i agree. i feel judged by some people on here and IRL. there are days when dh's family asks me why i didn't try harder at least 20 times. it would be nice to go some place where mamas understand you. just like the BF mamas have. i think we should create a FF forum.

and on the suggestion we should just post on the parenting board, we shouldn't have to pray our posts get seen among all the other subjects. the BF mamas get a place to go where they can ask a question and know that everyone that sees it will know what they are going through. i would love to have that.
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