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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by srfbluemama View Post
I'm glad you posted, because as a mama who's only BFed her babies I really didn't know about the problems mamas can face with FFing their babies. You've made the best argument, IMO, for a FFing forum on this board. Especially if (as one of the previous posters pointed out) this is now also a "Mothering Community" as well as a CD community.
Thank really was a trial, and thankfully, we are not dealing with it this go around, but I want to be there to help any other mamas/LOs that have problems...we saw specialists for a lot of things (my son STILL has 4 different drs) so I know a bit about a few things...I could maybe help some others, kwim?

Anyways, can a Mod weigh in on this?
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