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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by fostermomcchr View Post
OH yes, I set her straight all right! She was a piece of work for sure! She was one that would purposely show skin when she was BF and even would move to MAKE SURE that she was seen nursing, she was particularly bad when there were dads/grandads at playgroup. She actually got up and moved one time to be closer to a grandad when her baby wanted to nurse, she lifted up her shirt-wore NO BRA, both breasts exposed-though, one not as much as the other, but honestly, she had her shirt up way higher than it needed to be, as if to flaunt it at the older gentleman-who clearly was uncomfortable with it. I only say she got up on purpose cuz she WAS sitting in a nice comfy chair, only to move closer to the gentleman and sat down on the edge of a radiator-how MORE obvious could she get???????
WOw that kind of extremists give BF moms a bad rap, my Bf friends are so discreet that half the time you wouldn't even notice they were feeding, not because they are embarrased about BF but because they are modest women.
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