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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by greenMImama View Post
WOw that kind of extremists give BF moms a bad rap, my Bf friends are so discreet that half the time you wouldn't even notice they were feeding, not because they are embarrased about BF but because they are modest women.
YEP! When I nursed my son, most of the time, nobody even knew that was what I was doing, I am a very small chested woman so it was easy for me to be discreet, but I was very careful to NOT offend anyone anyway just b/c I think that you are right, the extremists is what gives BF the bad rap and causes more problems for everyone else. I understand that not everyone can latch a child on w/out nobody seeing anything-especially when you are first learning to BF, but she was taking it to extreme and delighted in getting a reaction out of people. I was soooooo glad when her hubby got transferred! Not a nice thing to say, but I was getting tired of all the drama at playgroup!
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