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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by ferrferr View Post
I'm a nursing mother and I'm not offended so speak for yourself. And calling formula rat poison and sending FFing mama's nasty PMs because of it is acceptable? Nope. The wheel of acceptability rolls both ways, and sadly it doesn't roll the way of FF hardly ever.
Ha, I love you.

To the OP, it's funny how there are polls on here about "rat poison" and how people should go to milk banks no matter the obstacles, and comments about FFing moms being weak, nasty PMs sent to ppl who ff, and tons of other offensive things yet that is not noticed? When I make a joke about a RUDE person the fact that she is nursing saves her and everything she does is ok?

I forgot, if you make the liquid gold you can do no wrong.
Excuse me while I go make a bottle.
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