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Re: is there a FF forum?

Originally Posted by jarahrocks View Post
Because nobody on here ever uses the phrases "I could just kill him for this." or "I would love to smack her for being so rude!" It's an expression, not meant literally.

If you don't want it taken literally you have to add some which you failed to do. And actually it is taken very seriously around here, a mod was demoted because of just such a comment. If we were still on the infraction system I'm thinking you'd be about 10 points in the hole for that one. I really fail to see the genius behind your comments, your trying to prove that people say insensitive things that make FF'ing mamas feel bad by saying even ruder more insensitive things to BF'ing mamas

Originally Posted by jarahrocks View Post
I forgot, if you make the liquid gold you can do no wrong.
Excuse me while I go make a bottle
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