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Re: Weird Cut that won't heal

We just got back -finally. It's a staph infection-Impetago (sp?). Good thing I've been putting TTO into the wash just in case. He's on amoxi TID X 10 days. I just called my mother and told her that I'm never listening to her or my sister again about these things and that I don't care if my sister is a nurse. Every time I ask for advice on a health issue with my little ones I'm told that I have them at the Dr's too much. Aeddon is a very healthy child and is maybe at the Dr's once a year if that. Deme is another story-I try to keep her out of the Dr's and hospitals as much as possible since she catches everything, but with her breathing problems I don't have a choice. My super nurse of a sister keeps telling me that I'm stunting her growth with the breathing treatments-I finally got fed up and said "Yea? Well not breathing is gonna stunt her growth too!" She finally shut up about it. Sorry this turned into a rant.
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