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Originally Posted by camperjen
There is certainly a connection between the amount of mercury left in vaccinations (even those that are supposedly "thimerasol free") and children found with toxic levels in their systems. There is certainly a connection between mercury/heavy metal poisoning and children who show symptoms on the Autistic spectrum.

one example:

and while I don't know much about the sweden thing, (I'm curious though so I'm going to look into it) I can't imagine that in 1997 they would offer thimerasol free shots, it was around that time that mercury was even being questioned as a danger... And then even now pediatricians and pharma companies can claim that they have a "thimerasol-free shot" they in fact have trace amounts in them, such a small amount that it doesn't have to be mentioned, even on the vax ingredients. But the amount accepted as *safe* is still unknown so why risk it? Just as the FDA leaves out certain ingredients in food because there are only trace amounts, the vaccine manufacturers do the same. Only problem is that we are talking about toxic poisons injected directly into the body, that will not have the benefit of the liver and kidneys to filter, not to mention the enzymes and digestive system to break them down to help the body process them.

and of course the whole mercury and possible connection to autism is just a small piece of the vaccine controversy. Not to mention the many other toxins used to preserve and make the vaccines. Even if all vax's were 100% thimerasol free I would still never ever allow my child to receive any shots. I much prefer to keep my child's immune system intact.
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