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Re: Weird Cut that won't heal

Could the staph been introduced when he first got the scrape, and only now began to show signs? My dh got cellulitis in his leg all the way up to his groin from a mosquito bite on his ankle! I don't think I would worry about disinfecting the whole house. Germs are everywhere and you can't get rid of them all. I would just do the bathrooms and kitchen. I also spray DD's toys down with Clorox Everywhere spray, oh, and the doorknobs and charging table area. I'm glad he's okay.

When we to DH to the hospital, he was aleady running a fever and limping, the Army doc said to give him Benadryl for the mosquito bite! I said "And maybe something so his leg doesn't rot!" Geez! Hailyn also got bit by a cat the other day and we had to take her to her ped. the next day (Sat.) because it had swelled and was warm. She had to get a shot because in the time it took to get there, it had doubled in size!"
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