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Re: My baby has gone 6 days without pooping?

Originally Posted by monkeylove
My baby has gone 6 days without pooping?
Exclusively Bf'ed other than a couple tastings in the past couple weeks of unsweeted organic
ever had this experience....
I didn't read any of the posts but my DD is the same way. Well she was until I recently started letting her taste some baby food. She mostly goes like once a week if that. Her pedi said that BF babies absorb almost all of the nutrients and have very little waste to poo. I gag every time I change her poopy dipes now b/c I am so used to her BFing dipes and the solid food dipes are the worst!!! :babypoop: Does he/she seem truly constipated? Like straining or crying with a tummy ache? If not I wouldn't worry a/b it. I read on that a baby can goes for more than 14 days w/o having a might search on there to get a little more info. GL!!!!
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