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Originally Posted by Velvetpage
I am not convinced that thimersol is a good idea, but I'm absolutely convinced that the diseases being vaccinated against are more of a risk than the thimersol. The reason modern western nations have such an incredibly low infant and child mortality rate can be credited to the massive vaccination programs of the last fifty years. Your unvaccinated children are much, much less likely to come in contact with these diseases than they ever were before - because the rest of us are vaccinating our children. In other words, you're benefitting from our decision to vaccinate.
no, none of this is true, I encourage you to research on your own... it may take awhile but these statements are false. The part about diseases being vaccinated against being more of a risk then thimerasol got me. How so? Who dies from measles or mumps for example??? or what about chicken pox? children?? when, where? none that I know of. In this day in age they do not. And it's not because other's are vaccinating. It's because we live in a developed country, with clean water, sanitation, access to healthcare, etc, etc, etc, There is a problem with mass immunization against childhood diseases, because children are not able to acquire natural immunity because every one esle is vaccinating against CHILDHOOD diseases that are meant to run their course and strengthen the immune system. Problems arrise because so called artificial immunity from vaccines wears off once you are an adult putting you at a higher risk for complications. Think about chickenpox, kids get over it just fine while it tends to be more serious for adults. If we would have just left nature alone we wouldn't have these problems.

Does anyone suffer lifelong effects from vaccines? Do children die because of them? YES, and YES.

Dig deeper and you will realize that vaccines are NOT responsible for wiping disease out.
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