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Banned member for scamming now offering diapers FFS?

WTH? I was scammed along w/ 3 other Mamas back in June for A LOT of money. IF the member was allowed back, shouldn't she make it right w/ those memebers, myself included, before posting? Plus, my PP claim was ruled in my favor, but of course there was no funds. Well, 20 cents of $70. Shouldn't her PP acct be frozen? I mean it's scamming on FFS items, but still not right. Shouldn't they go first to the Mamas who PAID for those items she's promising out in lotto? I am so livid right now

These were not the ones that I supposibly paid for. OP still has not responded to where those diapers are. But, I really don't care that they're girly. They would at least be an attempt at making things right. It's the lack of effort to rectify debts that makes me
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