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Re: S/O...if money wasn't an issue...

like one of the pp's said, I dont think I would ever feel done!

My oldest is bio but the baby is adopted, and any future children would be too. So, money IS an issue b/c unfortunatley it cost alot $$$ to adopt!
But if it werent, I would EASILY adopt at least 4 more for a total of 6. Myabe a sibling group or twins? I have two girls, I would want one more girl, maybe from China? Then two boys from Guatemala, then who knows!

Now the real problem is dh. He is very sure he doesnt want that large of a family. Sadly with adoption you cant have any *oops* babies! LOL! He has agreed to one more guaranteed, then *maybe* one more after that but he says not so much. I bet I can work on him for two more (total of 4) but I think thats it

Does anyone else have a dh that is baby resistant and that doesnt want lots more babies, but you do?
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