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Re: Weight loss & Breastfeeding

I was always hungry when I was BF too. More than when I was pregnant. Maybe if the Fruits and veggies are not satisfying you it is because you aren't hungry but thirsty. Many people confuse these two cravings and grab something to eat when they are thirsty, therefore the thirst is not satisfied and they don't feel satisfied. I find myself doing this too. If I keep walking into the kitchen for something to eat I stop and grab something to drink instead. So maybe before you grab a snack you should grab a glass or water or juice to quinch your thirst, then see if you still feel hungry and get a snack. I always find myself very thirsty before dinner, I will drink several glasses or water, milk and juice trying to get satisfied, then I am not very hungry for dinner.

Also remember to get out and get some exercise, even a walk in the morning or evening. It doesn't have to be a complicated routine, anything to get you moving.

Keep up the good work feeding your body and your baby the best you can.
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