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Re: Kinda a grossish question...but we love em!

Oh... speaking of grosss.....

I'm a triplet.. and my mom LOVES to gross me out about her mucus plug (She gave birth 2 other times.. but never saw those plugs). And get this: she swears it looked like the jelly-crud that comes packed in the container in SPAM or canned ham. BARF. I haven't been able to prepare a canned ham since (SPAM has been off my list since I was old enough to have sense.). I've heard it either looks like that jelly-crud OR one big snot ball.

MY MIL on the other hand gave birth twice and never saw her mucus plug in either birth.

I sure am hoping to be in the "not familiar when I lost my snot-ball, jelly-crud" team. Bleh.
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