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Re: eczema... pleaase tell me all!

Here's what we do for DD's eczema:
  • Her stuff is washed only in Bi-O-Kleen or 7th Generation sensitive formula
  • We only bathe her a couple times a week, the other days she gets sponge baths
  • When she gets a "real bath" we use Natural Baby Wash from MamaJo's store - you don't want to use something full of synthetic fragrances, colors, etc - think pure and mild
  • ASAP after her bath (as as soon as a body part is wiped off during her sponge bath), we slather on some whipped shea butter from Northern Essence. It's also very pure and natural - I think it's just shea butter, aloe and vitamin E
The rx creams for eczema have been linked to cancer, so personally, I'd never use 'em.

A great site for evaluating products we use on our babes and ourselves is Skin Deep - but be warned that looking at what's in some of the stuff we're used to using can cause you to want to throw everything out and shop only for pur, natural products!
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