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Re: Shots

I read that 1997 was the year that mercury levels in shots were increased, along with the cases of autism. And as for the mercury in the water, maybe that is the cause of the non-vaxed autistic cases.

Yeah that, on the unnatural invasion injected straight into the bloodstream instead of through the natural disesase fighting organs. What a shock to the body shots are.

Improved sanitation (like easy access to hot water and antibacterial soap) get the credit for less risks in diseases as well as childbirth IMO. I've seen so much corruption and mistakes in modern medicine, it seems like it's more intended to make money than actually heal people.

My ds had whooping cough, but he survived and is fine now, (thank goodness). He healed naturally with herbal and homeopathic remedies. I didn't take him to a docter, and never regretted not vaxing. IMO, the risks involved with shots are worse than the risks of the diseases they are supposedly giving immunity for. After knowing that a cat was microchipped with a shot, I don't trust 'em one bit.
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