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Re: Shots

Originally Posted by Velvetpage

I have already dug deeper. I've talked to doctors, to a friend of mine who is a microbiologist, I've read medical journals, I've read up on everything I can. Vaccines are the reason we as a society expect our children to get to adulthood. That has never been true before the last two generations, and it's still not true in many parts of the world. Good medical care in other areas is partially responsible as well - but the single biggest factor is mass vaccinations. As a responsible parent and citizen, I've decided that what is best for my children, my family, and my community, is to be protected to the furthest extent that medical science can provide.
I have not weighed in on this discussion b/c I've don't have an opinion either way on vaxing or not. I think the point of this thread was to ask for help about a delayed schedule, etc. not to debate, although digression is always interesting and welcome.
I think that your points are taken here, but you are preaching to people who have their minds made up. I also think that your last sentence saying that you are a responsible parent and citizen assumes that those who don't assume that medical science is the know all end all aren't responsible.
Just asking those in the medical profession about something the medical profession advocates and endorses is somewhat irresponsible imo. I think that as drummers wife suggested you should dig deeper, as in beyond what the medical profession has to say... dig FURTHER than that.
For the record, I haven't made my mind up about vax's for my little guy one way or the other, but I definitely don't think that vaccines are the reason our society expects us to get from childhood to adulthood. Actually that statement was so far fetched that I just pretty much wrote off anything that you had said before that. Not a personal attack on you at all, just wanted to let you know my response as a person who is not for or against vaxing either way.
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