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Re: Shots

I totally support your having reached the conclusion that for you, vaccination is the way to go. I would never try to convince you otherwise.

However, I take exception to the wording of the following:

As a responsible parent and citizen, I've decided that what is best for my children, my family, and my community, is to be protected to the furthest extent that medical science can provide.
Your wording would seem to imply that those who don't vaccinate are irresponsible - and that's just not true. *Most* people who do not vaccinate are very responsible parents - there are bad apples among both camps, I'm sure.

I also don't feel that my community has any bearing on my choices WRT my child's health and well-being. Isabel isn't here to bolster herd immunity, she's here to live her life and make her own mark on society however she sees fit.

Then there's the issue of measles. Pregnant women who have not been vaccinated are putting their babies at risk if they come in contact with the disease. If they have school-age children who are not vaccinated, they've just multiplied their risk of exposure by the number of children they have. Measles in utero causes brain damage that is not correctable. Aside from saving my daughter the high fever and annoyance of the rash, I'd rather protect the unborn children of the women around me from accidental exposure through my child.
I think this example does a great job of showing how flawed our vaccination program really is - instead of vaccinating women when they reach child-bearing age, we vaccinate children to whom measles poses little threat. I don't believe in putting my child at risk for vaccine reactions (which I'm sure you'll grant are real threats and potentially very serious, even if you won't concede ground on autism) to protect a population whose own immunity has worn off. Since measles poses a risk to the fetus, it should be a woman's responsibility to have a measles titer pulled and, if she's concerned, get vaccinated before getting pregnant or TTC.

Just my
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