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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: i knew my sister wasn't bright...but seriously...

and to put 3 kids in daycare...not to mention the $$$ of infant daycare....we'd be even more broke and my kids wouldn't get time with me. considering we don't even qualify for any assistance whatsoever w/dh's check alone...but yeah we're broke alright LOL!!! she's kinda stuck up and thinks she's the best....but we all see how much she really knows about the real world. i just can't believe she thought that at some point you HAVE to formula feed...crazy. i know life will NOT be cheaper adding an extra mouth to the house...nor will our costs be the same as the are now. things will cost more..clothes and such. but it's not a big deal, i'm thriftier than she ever will be b/c i know how to do so and am not too stuck up to do so!!
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