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Re: How long are you going to or did you BF?

DS #1 - we tried bf for 4 weeks and that was rough. He never latched on right and I had bleeding, cracked nipples it was horrible. The doc told me to supplement and that was the end of bf for him.
DS #2 - he bf for 6 months though it wasn't all the time. I went back to work right away and we supplemented most of his bottles with only one bottle of bm and that was work.
DS #3 - ahhh my bf baby. He is almost a year (on the 15th) and still going strong. He does drink juice and regular milk from a sippy and eats solids but he still bf 3+ times a day and about 2x at night. I will let him continue until he decides he's done (I don't think it will be much longer).
Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I finally got to experience a wonderful time with it. I wouldn't give up the bond with DS#3 for anything. Good luck with whatever you decide to do - oh and I too only planned to bf till he got teeth but we are still going strong and he has 6 teeth now!
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