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Originally Posted by Velvetpage
I have already dug deeper. I've talked to doctors, to a friend of mine who is a microbiologist, I've read medical journals, I've read up on everything I can. Vaccines are the reason we as a society expect our children to get to adulthood. That has never been true before the last two generations, and it's still not true in many parts of the world. Good medical care in other areas is partially responsible as well - but the single biggest factor is mass vaccinations. As a responsible parent and citizen, I've decided that what is best for my children, my family, and my community, is to be protected to the furthest extent that medical science can provide.

I really want to respond to a lot of what you posted, but I am nursing a wiggly child and cannot gather my thoughts at the moment but what I can tell you about the above quoted statement is that I know for a fact that Doctors have less than a 3 hr lecture on vaccines and childhood diseases in med school. It is all hand-picked and very one-sided information. Most do not even think of questioning what they are told and none of them have any time to do any further research on the issue while still in school. Then once they go into practice they are bombared daily with info from drug reps... so even if they consider thinking differently they are not given a chance. They also receive a percentage of all drugs prescribed including vaccines. So I guess what I'm saying is that I personally wouldn't hold much value to what a Dr has to say on vaccines, much less the rest of the mainstream medical community. I mean have you ever heard of LPN's injecting sick children with shots when it's pretty known that if you are going to vax wait until their immune system is at it's strongest. Either they are uninformed or do not care.

And your statement about mass immunization being responsible for children making it to adulthood is so far from truth, really do you think that is the only thing that has happened in the last two generations?!?

And I respect your decision to vaccinate, if that is what you are 100% comfortable with. But I personally feel like those who do not are very much responsible parents and citizens and that has nothing to do with the rest of society.
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