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Re: pain free labour?

i went into my first labor with full intentions of having NO "drugs" for pain. i ended up having iv drugs first and then when they broke my water (between that and the pitocin) the pain was far too much. i was yelling for the epidural, while they were placing it i kept telling my mom i had to poop. my nurse didn't check my progress before they put it in. turns out i had gone from 6 to 10 in about 10 mins. so it was worthless. also they placed it wrong. it was a horrible experience.
with my second i went in with even more umpf to not have "drugs" and i didn't. IMO it helps knowing from previous experiences what to expect. i had to have pitocin with my second as well though, i had been in preterm labor and on medications to prevent contractions so there really was no other option here. however i had a wonderful nurse that would turn the drip down when teh contractions would get to be too much. they don't have to have the stuff cranked for it to do it's job. so that's my advice, tell them (don't ask them TELL them) that whereas you understand you are being induced you would appreciate it if they didn't try to make you an in and out labor, this is not fast food and if it is you would like to have it your way! make a birthing plan and include in it that you would like a slow drip, also request your water to not be broken until you are at 8 or 9 b/c that mixed w/pitocin is a EXZTREMELY painful combination and is only necessary at the end. my dr was very kind w/the second and broke my water at 9.5. i still had pain and discomfort but not bad at all until after the water was broke and then i only had a half centimeter to go and then pushing agaist that felt sooooo good! so ther's my two cents! slow pitocin drip and water broke at the END! write it down and demand this is what is to happen unless they have a very good reason it has to happen other ways, there is no reason a woman has to have a quick painful labor just b/c they want to crank up your pitocin, if it's even necessary in the first place!
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