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Re: S/O...if money wasn't an issue...

I don't think I would ever stop having babies if money wasn't an issue
No really, I think 6 would be great but it seems like everyone always wants one more than they have so who knows...

Seriously, I have 2 and realistically would love to have 4 but am planning to put a couple of years before TTC again. I love love love my boys but it has been difficult having them so close together.

Money IS an issue for us. We both grew up very poor and I don't want my children to have to live that life. I hope that doesn't sound shallow, but we will only have as many as we can pay college tuition for (luckily in VA we can prepay their tuition starting at birth!) . I am on a 20 year payback plan for my student loans and I don't want to put that yoke around my children's necks if they decide to go to school. As for a car, designer clothes, etc etc they are on their own, I just feel strongly about college. Of course, we won't tell them this and pray they get scholarships so we can take a European vacation .

DH is not convinced into having ANY more right now but his issues are purely financial.

It just makes me sad to think of never being pregnant again, never nursing another baby, etc.
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