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Re: Shots

Originally Posted by Velvetpage
Of course we don't. That's why we opt for the thimersol-free vaccines. But it seems silly to me to plug that one, tiny hole in exposure, while gushing torrents of environmental toxins are pouring through. I'm sorry for your troubles, I really am. But there's no proof that vaccines contributed to them, since, as you say, there are plenty of environmental sources available. And all of that is assuming that mercury poisoning is actually responsible for autism - the link has been posited but not proven.

But did you realize that in testing children within the autisim spectrum, high levels of heavy metals are found in their systems?

My oldest DD was born in 1995, the next in 1999 but the vax's were still being given through 2003 WITH thermisol/mercury. There are other nasties in vax's too, even though those preservatives have been removed. I wonder what they cause. Regardless, if a person who's already got sensitivities to several things in life were injected with what the FDA says is a "safe" level of heavy metals, what do we all expect should happen to that person?

Even my DH, who had a mercury/thirisol tainted flu shot this past january, said that after the shot he experience a "brain fog", severe lack of concentration and he became a different person in our marriage. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a child so he's already on the autisim spectrum. AFTER we made our findings we did a detox for ourselves and he has stated a HUGE difference in brain funtion and he is such a better person! Our marriage was NOT going to make it as it stood. That sold me.
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