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Re: **BFP Gallery**

I was just analyising all of these posts last night, trying to decide if my Equate tests were right lol. They were super faint and I just threw them away b/c they were making me mad. I bought an Early Response this afternoon and took it two hours ago. The line showed up at the 3 min mark and was darker by 10. These pics aren't the best, it shows up a bit more IRL. I plan on testing again on Thursday (when I would have expected AF) so hopefully I'll have a darker line to show then. This is the faintest line I've had, always darker with the other two PGs (but never tested so early) so I'm a bit nervous still.

10 to 12 days DPO (I wasn't charting since we weren't offically TTC yet, but I think just based on CM and my average cycle) and a little close up that shows better

and what I just emailed DH a couple of hours ago (edd is his birthday)

ETA: this was an Answer test with #2. I took it the day AF was due, or the day after...

also, Christie (my neighbor) if you see this, shhhhhh. We aren't telling yet, esp since it's so early. thanks
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