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Re: Follow up to sore needed

I would say when she starts to do this, take her off and tell her no then put her back on. She is old enough now to start understanding that. If she continues to push and pull, end the session, at least for a few mins to get your point across. This is one thing I was taught to do when DD started biting and it worked even at 6 mo. You take away the food and they listen quick. She needs to understand that what she is doing is painful to you and that it isn't ok. If you think it is her teeth have you thought about giving her some Hylands or some kind of teething med before you nurse her. Maybe she is trying to find relief from you. Just a thought.

As for your sore spot, after you nurse express a couple drops onto the sore and let it dry on there before you put the lanolin on. It will help the sore heal. BM is amazing stuff. I could go on for days about what it can heal. If you decide to avoid nursing that side you really should still try to pump it. For me pumping was less painful than nursing, so I did that from time to time when I had a sore spot, then you can either save it or give it to her instead of that breast.
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