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Re: "My kids bore me to death..."

Before i read the article I was afraid I was going to agree with the writer and get flamed. I personally do NOT enjoy playing barbies, or playing outside...I would rather sleep...BUT there are many many other things I find to do with my children that we both enjoy to replace the things that I can't stand. There is nothing wrong with not enjoying certain things about raising your children....


What does that woman enjoy about her children???/ I didn't find one single postive statement in the entire article. What a sad way to look at parenthood. As far as I can conclude, she does NOT love her children, and does NOT enjoy being a parent and IS compeltly selfish and childish. What a waste of a mother. And then to insult everyone one of us that does choose to Stay home with our children...and enjoy it most of the time. SHe needs smacked!
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