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Re: C-section~keloid scars!!!!

After having a csection its best to wait at least 1 year to 18 months before concieving another child.
you can also strengthen your scar by drinking red Raspberry Leaf Tea.
Also, when you have a csection your scar tissue can build and you can have adhesions. So when you are comfortable to to do so use some massage oil or vit E lotion and shape your hand like a "C" shape and with the ends of your fingers gently rub up and down on your insicion site. Do it a little harder as you can tolerate it. This will break up the tissues and the adhesions and will help make that skin heal.
I had a severe infection in my insicion site and so it goes from hip to hip and did this and so much emotional stuff came out and i was able to move on from it. also, my insicion looks so much better then when i first started, i have little to no more pain and this was almost 4 years ago.
It does help alot.
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