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Re: HELP! I need a 38 H bra any recommendations!

MEDELA bras are good. I went to my hospital lactation lady and she helped me find my size. you can also go to their website and find a location that sells them so you can try them on.
I have a couple I was getting ready to list one is a44F . I also have 2 medela comfort bras that are XL.
I also have a couple of other kinds. My favorite ones are from Motherhood. They are almost totally nonsupportive but they are GREAT sleeping bras.
I still wear it at night because my boobs are still HUGE and I havent BF in 2 months.
Wacoal bras , you get them at Dillards. They are AWESOME! Not maternity and kinda expensive but itis the BEST bra for big boobs. I heard Oprah talking about them and tried one. I went back and bought 2 more.
I have size f boobs. It makes it SOOOOO hard.
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