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Re: Large Family Daily Meal Planning

Well I sat down and figured out how much dinner costed last night. We had chicken and rice with a cream of chicken soup sauce, and green beans (canned). I figured that the dinner came to roughly $7.00 probably less as I'm being generous. That fed 9 of us as the oldest is still in Army Bootcamp at Ft. Sill, and the youngest doesn't eat a whole lot (smushes it around her high chair more than actually consumes it, yk?). Not bad for a lot of mouths. I couldn't figure out tonights' as we had hot dogs with chili and mac-n-cheese and I had bought the dogs in a large box previously and can't recall what I spent! We'll see how this turns out. It's nice having a plan for the evening meal tho as I know in advance how much time I'll need to prepare it.
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